Bent Penis: Due to Blood Pressure or Medication?

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Peyronie’s disease is a condition in which a man develops a severely bent penis, and is a definite penis health concern. While some curvature of the penis is common in many men, with Peyronie’s the degree of curvature is significant and often to an extent that it may cause pain or prevent a man from successfully engaging in sexual activity. Men with high blood pressure are thought to be at an increased risk of developing such a severely bent penis. But is it the hypertension itself that raises the risk or the medicine used to treat the blood pressure?

More about the bent penis

In Peyronie’s disease, the curvature is believed to be due to a build-up of plaque in one or more areas of the penis. This often occurs after the penis has received trauma, especially repeated trauma in the same area. When the penis is injured, scar tissue forms over the injury and aids the healing process. But scar tissue lacks the elasticity of normal penis skin. If enough of this scar tissue forms in the same area, it inhibits the ability of the penis skin to stretch fully to accommodate an erect penis. So, for example, if the scar tissue is on the top of the penis, when the penis starts lengthening, it will hit a “snag” on the top. The bottom and side tissue will lengthen as usual, but on top, it will cause the penis to bend upward.

Depending on where the scar tissue is located, a man’s penis may bend up, down, to the left or to the right. In some cases the bending can approach 90 degrees.

Blood pressure

As mentioned, men with high blood pressure are at greater risk of developing such a bent penis situation. At first, it was assumed that the high blood pressure itself played a role; however, in more recent years, it has become accepted that the real culprit may be medications used to treat the blood pressure problem. Specifically, the class of medication known as beta blockers seems to raise the risk of Peyronie’s disease.

Beta blockers are not just used for high blood pressure; they are also used for treating other cardiac-related issues, as well as glaucoma, thyroid issues, anxiety and migraines. But they are perhaps most often associated with blood pressure cases.

Exactly why beta blockers are associated with a bent penis risk is not clear. However, studies have shown that some men do seem to develop increase plaque build-ups in the penis after taking beta blockers for a period of time.

If a man is using beta blockers and develops a bent penis, he should consult with his doctor to determine if an alternative treatment might be available to control his blood pressure. However, it is important to note that ceasing the use of beta blockers will not likely reverse the bending that has already occurred. For that, a man needs to see a urologist to determine what treatment plan might be initiated to relieve the bending issue.

Whether due to high blood pressure medication or another cause, a bent penis can sometimes be accompanied by pain, especially during the erect state. Some men may find some relief through the application of a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Because the pain is in some part due to inflexibility of the penis skin during erection, using a crème that can help moisturize the skin is desired. A crème with both a high-end emollient (such as Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E) can aid in properly moisturizing skin. The crème should also include vitamin C. This vitamin has properties which help to support elasticity in penis skin.

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Naturally Lower High Blood Pressure – Are Network Marketing Products A Real Solution?

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If you are looking to naturally treat high blood pressure, I will not take the time to explore the side effects of prescription drugs. Nor will I take time to explain the unregulated vitamin and supplement industry that produces many poor quality and ineffective products. By experience, I have dealt with a severe, chronic health condition for over 30 years. I have researched natural products for over a decade and found some real answers in an unlikely place. Even high blood pressure has been solved naturally by many people.

The network marketing industry has a bad repetition and for a good reason. Most of the claims of expensive products and exaggerated medical claims have come with the turf of selling the products and earning commissions. I have heard of treatments for everything from Rheumatoid Arthritis to Aids by sincere people selling products. Some are pyramid schemes, most are not; and a lot of angry people are hurling accusations and others praise. Some companies are better than others, and it is not any different going down the shelf at your local retailer looking for supplements to help with high blood pressure, many of the companies like products are a waste of money. Some good products, others not so good!

I had no choice after 20 years of prescription drugs and the serious side effects treating a major auto immune disease. Natural products were not a choice; they became the only option. I had to build a bookshelf style cabinet just to hold the bottles as I began my new journey into the supplement world. I did my due diligence in taking the above recommended amounts of supplements. I had no choice I had to find the best products.

I researched many network marketing companies and used the products. I compared prices and potency to the retail value. I have joined several companies over the years and used the products. Nothing has improved my health than these superior products. They are life changing. The combined total of all the ingredients in many products to my surprise were sold below what you would pay in a retail stores. No, not all network marketing companies are bad.

An excellent all natural treatment for high blood pressure using a high quality network marketing product that combines a precise blend of all essential vitamins, plant sourced minerals and Xanthones. Xanthones are extremely powerful antioxidants from Asia. This scientific combination is so effective that two double-blind placebo clinical studies in humans were conducted to prove the effectiveness. That is the same procedure that is required in pharmaceutical studies. If you doubt that there are superior products being sold by network marketing, just visit your Health Food store and find any product that has had clinical studies performed. You won’t find a one. For the same potency and bio-availability [meaning the nutrients will be absorbed by the cells] you would pay double the price in a retail store, and still the ingredients would not be scientifically blended.

If you are looking for a powerful natural product to treat high blood pressure, I would not allow the bad reputation that some companies have made in the network marketing industry discourage you from other products being sold in that industry that may be by far the best option. Many network marketing companies are pleased to have you try their product with a money back guarantee.

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Eight Natural Remedies Tips To Lower High Blood Pressure

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When most people are diagnosed with hypertension, their doctors will prescribe some form of remedies, in terms of medication. However, medication is not the only option that can keep your heart healthy and your blood pressure down.

Below are eight tips that you should probably consider adding to your routine, if you do suffer from hypertension:

  1. Quit smoking! This is one of the first thing, outside of prescribed medication, that anyone diagnosed with hypertension should consider. Smoking narrows and hardens arteries and veins, and makes your heart work harder – none of which are good things.
  2. Another good idea is to start exercising. A little bit of moderate exercise is great for your heart, and can help to lower blood pressure significantly. Just do not overdo it, and make sure you clear your exercise plans with your doctor first!
  3. Learn stress management techniques. None of the remedies out there, even medication, will help much if you are stressed!
  4. Losing weight is another easy way. If you are carrying extra weight, your heart is working harder, and that means that your blood pressure will be higher.
  5. Consider your diet too. Something as simple as cutting salt out of your diet can be one of the most effective way to lower hypertension, and if you also cut out saturated fat, and eat a well balanced diet, you will do yourself a world of good!
  6. Consider herbal remedies. Snakeroot, ginseng and hawthorn are just a few of the herbs that have been shown to help lower blood pressure. Again, however, make sure you clear any herbal remedies with your doctor before you use them – they could interact with your medicine.
  7. Interestingly, it has been found that Omega 3 fatty acids are one of the best alternative treatments, in terms of lowering hypertension. Others include amino acids, and Coenzyme Q10.
  8. Finally, if you are looking for supplementary remedies, then you might want to try acupuncture as an option. It may be up for debate, in terms of being a cure for blood pressure, but some studies suggest that it may be effective.

While all of these tips can do a lot of good, when it comes to both your blood pressure, and your health, you should always remember that they are complementary. They should not replace any medication you are prescribed, but rather act as support for the treatment you are supposed to be taking.

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Alternative Treatments For High Blood Pressure – Cure Hypertension and Normalize Blood Pressure

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Have you tried any alternative treatments for high blood pressure? If you have not, you might want to consider why some doctors are now prescribing various natural health remedies to normalize blood pressure naturally. In the process of saving hundreds to thousands of dollars each year (not paying for prescription medication), you will also become a healthier person.

With hypertension numbers on the rise, most people have followed their doctor’s suggestion of taking medications for the rest of their lives. However, due to the harsh side-effects, many people are now normalizing their scores with simple alternative treatments. And many of these natural health secrets are now being suggested by doctors!

Natural Health and Alternative Treatments

It was no more than 10 years ago when natural health and alternative treatments were considered taboo. Many thought these cures were quack or for hippies! Currently, millions of people world-wide are now jumping on the natural health bandwagon.

Much of this is because recent research is now showing that many natural remedies are very effective for reducing hypertension scores. And some people are just tired of dealing with the harsh side-effects from their medications which include irregular heartbeat, dizziness, weakness, flushing key nutrients, poor circulation, insomnia, depression, kidney damage, cholesterol problems and even excessive hair growth.

Fortunately, alternative treatments for high blood pressure do NOT have any side-effects and work to normalize your score using key vitamins, important supplements, a better diet, an exercise program and critical minerals that your body must have to regulate itself.

Some Suggestions from a Natural Health Doctor

If you are currently taking medications, do NOT stop taking them before discussing it with a doctor. Unfortunately, the drugs you are taking must be weaned off in order for your body to function properly.

Our company’s natural health doctor, Dr. Scott Saunders suggests incorporating various alternative treatments for high blood pressure while still taking your medications. With due time, you will be able to stop taking the medication and have cure your hypertension completely.

Here are some effective and researched remedies that some doctors are now recommending!

5 Natural Remedies for Hypertension

1. Your Diet- Your diet could be one of the most important factors for normalizing your score. A great nutrition plan is one that emphasizes low saturated fats, low cholesterol, and low in total fat. Your diet should now be based on lots of fruits, vegetables, fat free milk products and lean meats. Our High Blood Pressure Remedy Report goes in thorough detail on your new diet.

2. Relaxation- Relaxing is a great way to decrease stress and lower blood pressure. One simple way is to practice simple breathing techniques that increase circulation levels and oxygen levels. It has been said that more oxygen in the body means a normalized score. Many of our customers practice these simple techniques right at their work desk!

3. Potassium- One of the three most important minerals you should be getting is potassium. Duke researchers recommend getting 4,700 milligrams per day to decrease your blood pressure by as much as 20 points.

4. Folic acid – Young women who consumed at least one milligram of folic acid daily had a 46 percent lower risk of high blood pressure than those who consumed less, while older women had an 18 percent reduced incidence. The recommended dosage is 400 micrograms a day.

5. Fish Oil and E – Studies have shown that consuming just a tablespoon of flaxseed oil daily lowered numbers by nine points. Some studies have shown that fish oil oxidizes easily and should be taken with Vitamin E. Our recommendation is to go with the vitamin E and fish oil.

Naturally Cure Hypertension…Guaranteed!

This might be a lot of information but if you try these alternative remedies, you will notice a change in weeks! And if you decide to make this a lifestyle change, you could normalize your pressure in a month or even quicker!

Please take a moment and visit our Alternative Treatments for High Blood Pressure Website. We offer the only 100% guaranteed, research-based Hypertension Remedy Report.

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High Blood Pressure Herbal Treatment – 5 Secrets That Could Normalize Hypertension Naturally

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One of the fastest growing treatments for hypertension is high blood pressure herbal treatments. The recent jump in this natural treatment is possibly from the rise of high blood pressure cases or because people are fed up with the side effects associated with the costly prescriptions.

Whatever the reason, you might want to write down these 5 secrets that could save you and your loved ones from the silent killer disease and the thousands of dollars you will pay over the next few years.

Why High Blood Pressure Medications are NOT the Answer

Recent figures from the American Heart Association (AHA), stated that about 65 million Americans over the age of 20 have high blood pressure. Which means that one and three adults suffer from the disease. More unfortunately, only about 63 percent of those with the problem are aware they have it.

And those who are aware are usually medicated with synthetic drugs to normalize their pressure. And most of these people will be advised to stay on these harmful prescriptions for the rest of their side-effect ridden lives.

However, just recently a government agency has decided to lower the threshold for normalized blood pressure. With the new figures, millions of people who thought they were normalized are now ‘pre-hypertension’. And how can they do this?

The deadly disease is called the ‘silent killer’ because it literally has no warning signs or symptoms. Unfortunately, the first sign of the disease is a heart attack. Therefore, instead of treating the numbers; you should consider naturally lowering your blood pressure naturally with simple alternative remedies.

Here are some researched and proven solutions for an alternative treatment.

5 Alternative Treatments for Hypertension

1. Selenium – Selenium, zinc and copper are helpful nutrients. Studies have shown the people with heart disease are often deficient of these nutrients. You can either supplement (a good multi-vitamin) or find these nutrients in your diet. Selenium comes from meat, dark greens, wheat, walnuts and Brazil nuts. Zinc is found in meat, dairy, and beans. Copper is found in seafood, nuts, legumes, and leafy dark greens.

2. Beta Glucan – Beta Glucan is beneficial for lowering cholesterol, which can lower blood pressure if you have high cholesterol. It is found in oat bran and maitake mushrooms. It is particularly helpful for moving waste materials out of the body. We suggest 200 milligrams of oat bran, or about one teaspoon, daily to lower cholesterol and normalize pressure.

3. L-Argine – L-Argine has been in the news recently because a study found that taking 2 grams of L-argine daily reduced systolic pressure 20 points after taking the supplement for just 2 days. It is an amino acid that helps the body produce nitric acid which lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

4. Fish Oil – Fish oil which is known as Omega 3 fatty acid is very helpful for sufferers. Fish oil protects the heart and lowers blood pressure. You might also want to try flaxseed oil if you are a vegetarian. A recent study has shown that consuming just a tablespoon of flaxseed oil daily lowered both blood pressure numbers by 9 points.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple cider vinegar has been popularized by many elderly who swear upon it. The reason why apple cider vinegar is effective for lowering your score is because it is high in so many vitamins and nutrients that are helpful for lowering high blood pressure. It includes vitamins C, A, E, B1, B2, and B6, in addition to potassium, magnesium, and copper. We recommend mixing 2 tablespoons with a glass of water. Add some honey for better taste.

And this is just a tip of our pyramid of research!

Choosing Natural Health Can Save Your Life

These 5 secrets are very rarely recommended by the medical industry because it is so reliant upon synthetic medications. However, many of our customers have weaned themselves off the prescriptions and the agonizing side effects.

If you would like to discover the simplest and most effective way to cure high blood pressure naturally, please visit our Normalize Hypertension website. We have spent 11,000 hours researching how Natural Health remedies can work for everyone.

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Green Lipped Mussel: Blood Pressure Alternative Treatment

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High blood pressure or hypertension is a chronic medical condition involving your heart and the level of your blood pressure. It is an arterial disease which manifests abnormality in the rate of your HBP. This is a serious medical condition that needs to be treated.

When high blood pressure is neglected, it may eventually progress into other more serious cardiovascular diseases, or trigger a heart attack. Green lipped mussel blood pressure treatment is a common alternative approach to treating high blood pressure.

The causes of HBP are not exactly known but there are various factors that may contribute to the onset of its symptoms: unhealthy diet that are too salty or high in cholesterol, destructive habits such as smoking and drinking, stress and over-fatigue, or a genetic predisposition to hypertension.

Hypertension is often referred to as “the silent killer” because there are no observable symptoms that slowly progress, as with other diseases. In fact, there are people suffering from HBP and don’t even know it.

There are many ways to control HBP. You can start by maintaining a healthy diet. Also cut back on sodium intake, fatty and greasy foods, avoid all-nighters and overly stressful activities, avoid a sedentary lifestyle through moderate yet regular exercise, and get rid of unhealthy habits.

Aside from doctor prescribed medication, you may also try an alternative approach. A good suggestion would be green lipped mussel for high blood pressure. You can include green lipped mussel supplements in your daily regimen to help regulate your cholesterol level.

Green lipped mussels contain a high amount of the uniquely combined Omega 3 fatty acids that promote cardiovascular health and helps maintain your blood pressure to a normal level. Omega 3 fatty acids are also natural blood thinners which helps regulate the blood flow and ease the pressure on your heart as it pumps blood all throughout your body.

A quality green lipped mussel supplement will help keep your HBP at bay as it has well preserved green shell mussel contents that will help with the regular functions of your cardiovascular and circulatory systems.

You do not have to worry about contraindications with your other medicines, if you are taking any. Regular and prolonged use of green shelled mussel supplements may even help you lower the dosage of your maintenance medicine or help you get off it completely. You may discuss using green lipped mussel for high blood pressure with your doctor to confirm the safety of taking it along with other medications. Just know that it is the best and safest natural approach to treating HBP.

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